About The Media Academy

Grover Cleveland High School’s Media Academy offers a powerful curriculum, enabling students to develop traditional moviemaking, digital, and audio-visual communication skills in the arts and sciences.

The diverse worlds of entertainment, the arts, politics and commerce each depend heavily on audio-visual communication media. In the 21st century there will be a steady demand for people who are skilled in using the vocabulary of images and sound, and who understand the technologies this communication is based on.

The Media Academy is a hub of activity and creativity, preparing students for success in advanced education and any career.  For students interested in careers in film, television, animation, screenwriting, editing, digital arts or web design, our internationally known program will offer students the training and support they need to be successful.

The Power of Our Program

Since its opening in 2003, the Media Academy has been recognized around the world with films screening in Festivals and Showcases, and highlighted on the internet. Student films have been recognized for academic content, human rights, artistic excellence and technical expertise. Individual awards include screenwriting, special effects, animation, music, acting, directing and editing. In all, Media Academy projects have won over 100 national and international awards, including two Student Emmys, the United Nations Global Issue Award, thirty Video in the Classroom Awards, and first place at the 2010 Harvard-Westlake Film Festival. For the Media Academy, this win highlighted recognition by the industry for the excellence of Media Academy films. It was held at the Cinerama Dome and was hosted by Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow and Oscar-nominee Jason Reitman.

Create, Collaborate and Communicate: These are the fundamental skills at the center of all Media Academy classes. Students learn to problem solve, build teams, and express themselves with clarity and power. Students from our program have gone on to USC, UCLA, NYU, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Cal Arts, the Art Center, Rhode Island School of Design – as well as all of the UC schools.

Building Academic Strength: In our project-based classesstudents are the leaders and have fun while improving reading, writing and project management skills. Students learn academic subjects in a real-world environment, using math, science and English to create special effects, design graphics, tell stories.

Providing a Home Base: Students interested in Entertainment and Media Careers can take classes for all four years. Other students can select specific classes to meet their Technical Art and Visual Art requirements for graduation.

Career Pathways: Cleveland High School is one of 16 high schools selected as part of the north hub of The Los Angeles High Impact Information Technology, Entertainment & Entrepreneurship, and Communications Hubs (LA HI-TECH) Regional Consortium, partnered with Los Angeles Valley College and Los Angeles Pierce College, which aims to create a vibrant “school-to-career” pipeline to sustain a skilled and competitive workforce that contributes to the economic growth of the Information and Communication Technology Industry in Los Angeles.

The Media Academy is also a part of Linked Learning in LAUSD, a rigorous approach to education with high expectations of every student, connecting students to career pathways, applying classroom work to real-world settings.  A core component of all Linked Learning initiatives involves work-based learning, allowing students to apply their classroom learning in a professional setting and gain real-world experience. Students learn what it takes to thrive in the professional world through partnerships with local employers that offer internships, externships, and job shadows.